Job Placement Services for Job-seekers who receive public assistance or have legal issues

Job Club assists individuals and families who receive TANF public assistance benefits and supports the transition to self-sufficiency by developing the skills to obtain and maintain employment in jobs that offer opportunities for career growth.  Job Club provides a six week, daily program of intensive career exploration, job readiness training and hands on job search assistance and connections with a range of support services to meet the long-term needs of the individual and family.

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) provides food stamps recipients expanded opportunities for training, work experience, job placement and support services to obtain employment that offers financial independence and security. The program places a priority on serving individuals who are not eligible for other employment and training programs including long-term public assistance recipients, ex-offenders, individuals with history of substance abuse, and a growing immigrant population

Non Custodial Program:  job placement assistance for non-custodial parents who are court ordered to seek employment to meet their obligations for child support payments.

Second Chance Employment Support for Parolees (DCDS) Challenge Workforce Solutions along with Finger Lakes ReUse, Opportunities, Alternatives, and Resources of Tompkins County (OAR/TC) and Rescue Mission, has put together a comprehensive package of services that will work with Parole Officers in Tompkins County to provide effective employment services that will assist parolees to achieve employment and reduce recidivism. These services will include comprehensive assessment, cognitive behavior intervention, work readiness training, and job placement and retention services. More intensive interventions that include paid work assessment with work adjustment interventions and short-term subsidized placement will be available as part of a flexible range of interventions that will be individualized to the needs of each participant. All participants in the service will receive case management throughout the program to obtain needed community services, assistance in pursuing education and job training, and aftercare supports.

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