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“I’m so glad I found you! I took on this project for our family and it quickly became a drain trying to put everything together. Please thank Jeremy for all the help.
Thanks! “

-Leicester NY

Alan Thomas
General Manager

For over 20 years we’ve been trusted by national institutions to preserve some of our nation’s most important documents. We’ve scanned letters from Einstein, FDR, and 800-year-old manuscripts for customers like Cornell University, the George Eastman House, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the University of Pennsylvania. Opening a box and caring for an ancient handwritten document requires a level of archival expertise and care that we’re now using to help you preserve your own private history for future generations.

Let our new family photo and document scanning service help preserve your memories. With Challenge Imaging your documents never leave our facility in Ithaca, NY and are treated with the same care that we extend to every other priceless document we scan.

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